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Our showroom is open 9-4pm Monday-Friday, 9-3.30pm Saturdays - no appointment is necessary to visit the showroom.






Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions. Bespoke and specially ordered goods have different sales conditions to stock items, such as being exempt from distance selling laws and conditions concerning the Sales of Goods Act. Your statutary rights are not affected and all products are sold in good faith. 


Supply of Goods


Items purchased from stock may be returned for a full credit note providing the goods are in their original packaging and condition. By prior agreement, items purchased from stock on approval may be returned for a monetary refund. Sale items & sold as seen may not be returned for credit. Non-sale faulty products from stock will be replaced or refunded as required. Damaged & faulty goods must be reported to our showroom within 14 days.

All bespoke made to measure goods and specially ordered goods are unable to be returned or exchanged. We reserve the right to replace goods or remedy quality issues as necessary to ensure that supplied products conform to sample. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

Clients should ensure that the correct and sufficient wallcoverings, fabrics, blinds, paint & carpets etc are ordered to complete the area required, as we are unable to guarantee supplying exactly the same colour-batch at a later date. We are highly experienced & able to assist in calculating amounts of wallpaper/fabrics etc from your measurements but cannot be held liable for shortages or excess as economies & shortages can often be made on hanging & making up that are beyond our control.



When purchasing wallcoverings it is important to ensure that sufficient product is ordered to complete the area required as extra rolls cannot be guaranteed to be the same batch. Extra single rolls may often take longer to be delivered as different couriers may be used for small items. Many manufacturers will recommend the use of their own or specific adhesive, this is done to ensure that the best possible result is obtained with tested pastes. No responsibility for adhesion problems will be entertained by the manufacturers should the recommended adhesive not be used. We always recommend a ready mixed adhesive for all wallcoverings to ensure the correct mix is obtained these adhesives are available in light, medium & heavy weight strengths dependent on wallcovering being used.


We are afraid that left over rolls of wallpaper are unable to be returned due to carriage & handing costs & ever changing colour batches at the manufacturers. In our experience an extra roll in the loft is a sensible thing to have as most wallcovering collections are only current for 3 years, so may not be available in case of damage or alterations!

Hanging - Please follow manufacturers instructions on the roll carefully to ensure correct soaking times are used. Check all lengths for colour matching and faults prior to hanging and should any problem become apparent, please call us immediately on 01444 416060 to check how to proceed. No decorator costs will be entered into whatsoever so it is important that work is halted once any issue is noticed. Paper itself is almost impossible to be faulty so most wallcovering issues are likely to be with adhesion to the wall or a visible printing error. We would recommend that all walls should be thoroughly stripped back, sanded and a uniform colour prior to sizing with a weak paste solution & cross (horizontal) lining with a good quality lining paper. The slightly fluffy texture of lining paper ensures the best possible fibre contact between the vertical paper and the horizontal lining paper. This should again be sized and left to dry before hanging the paper. Should any bubbles appear on hanging, if round they are air bubbles and should be worked to the outsides of the paper with a brush or felt roller. Should long bubbles appear this is due to insufficient soaking time, the paper is still absorbing moisture and expanding, soaking times can be dependant on air temperature. Print faults will be obvious prior to hanging and should be cut around where possible, but should patterns match badly down the full length, or there is an obvious light/dark shading between strips, stop hanging & please advise our showroom where replacement paper will be organised immediately on clarification of a fault. Should paper shrink back to show the wall between strips, the adhesion has not been sufficient to stop the paper from shrinking on drying out. To prevent this and to minimise the effect, please follow the above instructions, keep central heating off and for darker papers we would recommend painting a stripe down the wall in the same colour as the paper wherever a join falls. Ends of dark rolls should be coloured to minimise the paper edge showing on the face when butted together. We have had great success in using a very light spray of aerosol paint of a similar colour just to the very ends of the rolls!

Fabrics & Soft Furnishings

Fabrics should be thoroughly checked for colour, flaws and faults prior to cutting. No responsibility will be taken by the manufacturers once the fabric has been cut. Atmospheric movement in fabrics is unavoidable and whilst all efforts are made to ensure stability of curtains in situ, it is impossible to stop all stretching or shrinking due to temperature changes and gravity! Fabrics behave in very different ways & whilst we have a huge amount of experience, some fabrics may not behave or drape as expected, we can only offer our opinions from experience but cannot be held liable for the draping qualities of fabrics. Our soft furnishing products are hand-made and great care has been taken in attention to detail in making up, however very occasionally due to the hand-made nature of our products and unforeseen circumstances, slight alterations may be required once hung. We reserve the right to correct any issues in good time to ensure clients are happy and return to purchase from us again.

Unfortunately we are not able to undertake alterations or work with customers existing furnishings or fabrics. On occasions where we have used customers existing fabrics or furnishings as part of a larger project, we have often found that fabrics have faded and curtains bought elsewhere do not hang well or have inconsistent drops. We will also not work with fabrics purchased elsewhere, as if we don't sell it, there is probably a good reason! We have chosen our suppliers with great care and experience to ensure that they supply products of consistent quality and good service, we will not purchase from manufacturers that do not meet these requirements.

Fading of Fabrics in Situ

Whilst great care is taken in choosing our fabric collections for the quality of the materials, some natural threads and dyeing techniques are more susceptible to fading than others. Silks will fade and perish in strong sunlight and linen & cottons etc will all fade to varying degrees dependent on colour and dyeing techniques. Where possible we will ensure that curtains are as clear of the recess as there is room and we would always recommend using a sheer curtain or blind behind the curtains, especially on South & West facing windows. We would recommend that as soon as you notice any fading of the leading edges of the curtains, the left-hand curtain is swapped with the right and sheer blinds or curtains are installed. Clear window films & glass are available that will reflect the UV rays from the sun, these & automatic sun awnings take away any concerns of fading of fabrics & floorings.

Fabric Care

Whilst most fabrics are washable or dry-cleanable, once attached to linings this is inadvisable as different rates of contraction will occur. We would therefore recommend regular vacuuming with a brush attachment and to spot clean with a suitable product such as Vanish upholstery foam (spot colour checking first). We have spent 35 years perfecting our products and are proud to provide what we believe is the best service and make up available. Our attention to detail ensures that our visible stitching is kept to a minimum & using only seamstresses of the highest caliber allows us to install furnishings that both you and we can be proud of. Our clients come back!

We are here to help you find the fabrics you require and have 140 years of experience between the 6 of us! Once you have found your fabrics, drop in with your measurements or email us on with your requirements and we will provide you with an estimate for your furnishings. Once this is to your agreement we will come to your house and take accurate measurements & provide you with our expert knowledge to design your furnishings. Our lead times are generally 4-5 weeks from deposit and our guaranteed installations are carried out by our highly experienced resident fitter Paul. 


All cut pile carpets can suffer from pile reversal and in certain instances this may become permanently bent or distorted for no specific reason that research has yet identified, giving areas of light and dark shade. This is also described as 'shading' or 'watermarking'. It is not a defect in manufacture, it only occurs in a small percentage of all carpets and no liability whatsoever can be accepted by the manufacturer in respect of it. We recommend the use of Westex Carpets who have developed a technique of twisting and heat setting the wool fibres to combat pile reversal should clients be unwilling to take the small risk of this phenomenon. All carpets, especially loop pile carpets are likely to contain small weaving slubs where staples of wool yarn are woven and joined, British Standards state that a small amount of faults per square metre are acceptable. Everything possible is done during manufacture and fitting to make any slubs as inconspicuous as we can but unfortunately sheep are only so big, so staples of wool have to be spun and joined! Regular vacuuming with an upright beater bar cleaner for all twist pile carpets and suction only cleaner for loop pile carpets is recommended to ensure the longevity of your flooring. Our resident fitter is Mike Holman with over 30 years experience in fitting fine carpets. Highly experienced in all forms of flooring his speciality is contrast border work, using Bronte hand carved carpets amongst others. A finer fitter we would fail to find!


To adhere to fire regulations, all fabrics to be used for domestic and contract upholstery must meet flame retardant specifications. It is rare for any fabrics to be inherently flame retardant so most are required to be sent for back coating or chemical spraying to meet regulations. This takes approximately 10 days and costs £6.00 per mtr + carriage costs. For small metreage, it is likely to be more economical for the upholsterer to use a flame proof barrier cloth between the fabric and foam, we can advise on this. Should upholstery not be flame retardant and certificated to prove it, it is likely to render buildings & contents insurance invalid in case of fire so it is important to adhere to regulations. Please advise us as to the end use of fabrics when purchasing so that we are able to advise you accordingly. Most fabrics are able to be stain treated with products such as Teflon coating, Scotchguarding, Guardsman etc, the cost of this is approximately £6.00 per linear mtr and must be requested on ordering. We have the experience to produce remarkable pieces of furniture from junk shop reclamations, re-upholster tired sofas & chairs or supply quality bespoke furniture to our own designs, anything is possible!


We are able to source wood furniture from many UK based suppliers or bespoke design and manufacture using local craftsmen. Wood is obviously a natural product and as such may contain irregularities in grain and texture that are a feature rather than a defect in manufacture. 

To minimise joint movement and wood shrinkage due to ambient temperatures and humidty, our craftsmen will often recommend that certain pieces of furniture are best manufactured using engineered wood and high quality veneers. This time-consuming and highly skilled method provides a more uniform & matched surface compared to laminated wood stave panels and is structurally more sound than solid timber. 1 cubic metre of logs sawn and prepared at a 60% yield will result in approximately 25 square metres of lumber at 25mm thick – the same log can provide 1000 square metres of decorative veneer.

We have various sources for bespoke steel furniture, which can have tops made from glass, stone, wood etc, many of these are made in-house & can be viewed at our Haywards Heath Showrooms.

Our in-house quality control is demanding but should a bespoke piece of furniture require any remedial improvements outside of our control, we reserve the right to have this carried out without delay to ensure that your product is as it should be, as it was designed to be.


All delivery dates are approximate. Whilst we do all we can to ensure that orders arrive in good time we are not liable for any losses incurred for decorators & contractors etc should ordered goods not arrive in time. Manufacturers will state approximate supply dates should items be out of stock, these dates can move forward & backwards but are out of our control. Orders are constantly checked on & chased by our staff and clients will be kept informed of any reviewed delivery dates. We shout as loud as we can and despite this have an excellent longstanding relationship with all of our suppliers! It is in their & our best interests to supply you as quickly and efficiently as possible and we can assure you that everything is being done that can be to obtain your products.


Our estimates and quotations are valid for 1 month, should manufacturers prices increase within this date we will absorb these increases in gratitude of your business! We are afraid that after 1 month, prices that have increased will have to be reflected in an up to date re-quotation. Please read through our estimate carefully and inform us of any mistakes or changes that you would like to make. Once we have received your deposit, it is in recognition that the estimate has been accepted as written and any alterations or changes made once deposit is received, products ordered and work commenced will be at the clients’ expense. As our products are bespoke made for you, it is vital that we have understood any important or unusual aspects in your project, drawings or sketches of the finished furnishing treatment will facilitate this & ensure that we are aiming towards the same goal. We aim to be extremely fair and only charge return fees and alterations at cost, so as to keep any client faux pas as economical as possible, but these costs will be met by the client!

Payment Terms

All ordered items are to be paid for in advance. Made to measure order terms are 75% deposit with the balance payable promptly on or prior to installation. Please read and thoroughly check our quotation to ensure everything is to your satisfaction before giving us your deposit, any queries will be answered & alterations made. Your deposit is confirmation that we are to proceed with your order & any required changes after this should be put in writing within 24 hours of deposit. Changes after this time that result in ordered products needing to be returned or exchanged will incur manufacturer re-stocking fees to cover admin & carriage etc, these fees are generally 25-35% so are an expensive mistake!

For larger, bespoke orders that are to be completed in several stages we will invoice for stage payments following the initial 75% deposit. Should any items be out of stock for a prolonged time these will be invoiced separately when available. We are happy to store soft furnishings should you not be ready to have them installed due to decorators, builders etc, these will be invoiced and your prompt payment is appreciated to ensure our staff can eat!

Interior Design Terms & Conditions

Following our introduction in our showrooms, we then offer a no-obligation first meeting at your own premises, that is completely free of charge. Should you not wish to proceed beyond this meeting, it is not our policy to hard-sell and chase you!

We will discuss the level to which you would like us to work, should it simply be soft furnishings or complete build & project management.

This level of Interior Design service is for domestic projects only, for commercial projects, consultation fees will be payable following introduction.

Initial Meeting

An interior designer will visit you at your home and spend some time discussing your requirements, ascertaining your personal needs and answering your questions about our services. Should you wish to proceed with the project a room survey will be carried out & a design fee from £500+ per room (dependant on level of project) will be payable at this time. For projects further afield than 20 miles from our showrooms, travel disbursements will also be chargeable.

NB: Payment of the design fee is not dependent on progression of the project, but payment will be refunded on projects exceeding £5000.00.


Following our initial meeting at your home and your uptake of our design services we will arrange a time for the presentation of the project. This may be at our showrooms or at your own house once again and will involve presenting all aspects of the design, colour schemes, proposed furniture, floorings, materials & lighting etc together with two colour-board options for each room, containing actual samples of the proposed materials. 

Should you wish to have further colour-boards prepared these will be supplied at £80 per board. Subsequent meetings at your home to further discuss the project will be chargeable at  £100 inc VAT per hour including VAT, should you wish to meet at our showrooms to discuss the project, there is of course no charge.

3D Drawings - colour rendered 3D drawings of each room scheme can be provided at a cost of £250 inc VAT, should this be required.

Should you wish to proceed with all or part of the proposed design we will  prepare a quotation for the project with a complete breakdown of all labour & material costs.


On confirmation & agreement of project specifications & quotation an initial deposit of 50% will be required to reserve workroom slots, contractors and order materials & furniture etc. Some manufacturers do not offer credit terms and for these items we may require full payment in advance to be able to purchase them.

Should architects drawings and authority consents be required disbursements will be requested when due.

Survey & Planning 

A standard room survey is included in the basic design fees. When more complex work of a structural nature is called for, professional drawings will be supplied at cost.

We are able to recommend contractors for all aspects of the design or you may prefer to use your own. We will liaise with the contractors to help the project run smoothly and to time. All contractors will be payable directly by the client, we do not charge fees nor make commission from supplying contractors and all contracts are between the client and contractor only, all guarantees for contracted work also stand between the client and contractor only. We will only recommend contractors that we have had personal experience of using on prior projects, to ensure that their quality and work ethics emulate our own.


Project Co-ordination

Project co-ordination is supplied free of charge for all decor, furnishings, floorings & accessories. Structural, electrical and building project management will occur a reasonable fee dependant on size of project.

This would include:

Regular site visits to ascertain that the progress, the quality and the work in general is in accordance with the specifications provided.
Secure & recorded key holder capacity to assist in ease of access for contractors.
Assisting in problem solving when unexpected variations to projects occur due to unforeseen issues & conditions revealed on-site.

Although we do all in our power to ensure that the specified work progresses to the specifications and agreed schedule, in accepting the role of project co-ordination Colourschemer Interiors shall not be legally liable for the contractor’s method of operation, the sequence of carrying out the work, or the contractor’s failure to complete the work in accordance with the terms of their contract with the client. 


Most of our day to day costs are covered by the standard design fee. However extraordinary costs as detailed are chargeable.

Travel and parking outside our 20 mile showroom radius and unavoidable accommodation fees are chargeable at cost.

VAT is applicable on disbursements charged.

Payment of Account

The design fee is payable upon engagement of services. An initial deposit of 75% is payable on proceeding with the project with interim stage payments payable as major items are delivered, installed or completed.

Final balances are to be paid promptly on request for payment. Outstanding items due to delayed materials & unforeseen issues beyond our control should not delay our requests for payment & will be invoiced separately when completed.

Statements of account will be sent with our requests for payment or when required.

VAT - All fees and charges are subject to VAT at the current rate.


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